About Us

Griffiths + Seaton

Is a dynamic, idea-driven law firm with substantial experience in intellectual property law. We represent clients of all sizes, from multi-national Fortune 500TM companies to local home-grown startups and individual inventors. No matter the size of client, G&S is committed to providing high quality services tailored to each client's business needs.

Our attorneys hold scientific and engineering degrees in varied disciplines, such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, physics, and cellular and molecular biology. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in a brad range of technologies, including, but not limited to semiconductors, circuits, computer art (e.g., storage, communication, networking, programming, software, hardware, and associated systems), biomedical devices and systems, nanotechnology, aerospace and aviation hardware and software systems, display technologies, automotive systems, missile and defense systems, coating materials and composites, and consumer and personal care products.

Our offices are located around the country, and G&S believes in face-to-face communication with clients whenever feasible. We are strategically located in Arizona for easy travel to cities along the West Coast and Southwest, while our office in Minnesota services those in the Midwest. 

G&S has repeatedly been named a "Go-To Law Firm for Fortune 500TM companies by Corporate Counsel magazine, a publication of American Lawyer Media (ALM).

ALM conducts an annual survey of Fortune 500TM general counsel to identify the law firms they look to for assistance.