G&S regularly works with clients at the beginning stages of intellectual property procurement to identify innovations to be pursued. Our attorneys have helped establish in-house patent programs. Such services have included conducting employee education seminars on basic intellectual property rights, providing forms for identifying innovations, and participating in patent meetings with key personnel. In cases in which inventions have already been identified, we conduct clearance, patentability, and non-infringement analyses and provide advice regarding whether to pursue intellectual property protection for such inventions.


We strive to secure comprehensive and broad protection for our clients' intellectual property. All G&S attorenys are registered patent attorneys and have extensive experience in patent and trademark prosecution matters. Collectively, our attorneys have handled thousands of domestic and international patent and trademark applications for clients at all levels -- from preparation of applications and responses to handling of notices of allowance and maintenance fees. G&S attorneys regularly conduct in-person and telephonic meetings with USPTO examiners to efficiently advance prosecution of cases. In instances in which clients seek global protection, we maintain relationships with selected foreign associates to assist in the pursuit of foreign intellectual property protection filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Madrid Protocol, and other international agreements.

In addition to procuring protection, G&S assists clients in proceedings for maintaining protection as well. Our attorneys are experienced in reissues, reexaminations, interference, and opposition proceedings.


G&S regularly counsels clients on developing intellectual property strategies that maximize financial return. Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing and managing intellectual property portfolios and providing creative offensive and defensive solutions to secure optimal business positioning for our clients in their respective fields.


G&S assists in the preparation and negotiation of various agreements pertaining to intellectual property rights. We prepare agreements between clients and their employees, including non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, independent contractor agreements, and assignments. Additionally, we negotiate contracts between clients and third parties, such as joint venture, joint development, and business development agreements, intellectual property and software licensing agreements, cross-licensing agreements, end user licensing agreements, and various other technology agreements.


G&S works with clients who are engaged in or contemplating litigation by providing infringement, patentability, and other opinions of counsel. Our attorneys are also available to serve as expert witnesses testifying to findings in opinions and patent procedures.